Gunsmith Services

Southern Armory offers a full range of gun smith services.  A partial list of services is below, but please contact us to schedule an appointment or ask any questions.

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Gun Smith: Warren Sansoucie

Gunsmith Services Price List

Service: Price:*
Hourly Rate $75.00
Minimum Shop Half Hour Charge $37.50
Written Appraisals & Cost Estimates (Minimum of ½ hr rate charge)*Non-refundable* If you choose to have the work done, this ½ hr charge will be applied towards work to be done. $37.50
Handgun Sonic Cleaning $75.00
Long Gun Sonic Cleaning Ask for Availability
Handgun Sight Install $75.00 + Cost of Sights
Sighting in Rifle @ 100 yds – 200 yds $75.00
Rifle Bore Polishing $130.00
Laser Bore Sighting $37.50
Mounting Rifle Scope $37.50
Deluxe Mounting Rifle Scope (Includes: Scope Ring Alignment, Scope Ring Lapping, Scope Leveling & Laser Bore Sighting) 1 ½ Shop Hours $100.00
Firearm Headspace Check (Includes: Go – No Go Field Gauges) $37.50
Firing Pin Protrusion Check $37.50
APEX (or other brand) Trigger Job – 1 Shop Hour $75.00 + Cost of Parts
Adjustable Trigger Job $37.50
Polish of Chamber & Feed Ramp – ½ hr $37.50
Revolver Brrel Change – 1 ½ hrs $150.00 + Cost of Parts
Checking Cylinder Gap $37.50
Adjusting Cylinder Gap / Barrel Set Back $99.50
Revolver Action Job $130.00
1911 Trigger Install $75.00 + Cost of Parts
1911 Hammer Install $75.00 + Cost of Parts
Glass Beading of Barrel and/or Action $130.00
Wood Gunstock Refinishing (Complete Refinish with 6 applications of hand rubbr tongue oil) $190.00

*All Prices are Subject to change.* If more work if required than originally estimated, the extra cost will be approved by the customer before the work is completed. If the extra work is not approved by the customer, all work will be ceased and the firearm will be returned as it is at that point in time.

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