Firearms Simulator


Southern Armory is proud to have one of the only police firearms simulators available for civilian rental.  Advance your training beyond just paper targets.

This simulator provides realistic video scenarios covering an entire wall with immersive sound.  Interactive scenarios adjust to your actions, verbal commands, use of force decisions.  Over 500+ scenarios to constantly challenge your abilities.


Put Your Skills to the Test

Are you prepared to use your firearm in a defensive scenario?

Try one scenario in our simulator for just $5 per person.  Then watch the playback of your engagement and track your timing as well as shot placement. ($5 simulator experience is based on walk-in availability in store)

Unlimited scenarios within a 30min time slot is available for $40 (for 2 people). Please schedule in advance.

Unlimited scenarios within a 1hr time slot is available for $60 (for 2 people). Please schedule in advance.


Advance Beyond Paper Targets

Paper targets can only take you so far.  Our advanced simulator allows you to practice skills in a realistic scenario.  Drawing from a holster, moving and shooting, and making effective decisions critical components to your firearms training.


Challenge Your Friends as You Defend Against Zombies

Full video shooting-gallery challenges provide an interactive shooting challenge for one or two shooters.  Defend against gangs in alleys, bank robbers, and even zombies.


Real Firearms, Real Recoil

Our simulator uses real firearms including a Glock and an AR-15.  Powered by compressed gas, these operate just like when using live ammo.  Real firearms means your skills improve for use with live ammo.

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