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Defensive Pistol Class


Our Defensive pistol class will newly introduce OR help reinforce critical skills you need to be effective and confident in the handling of your chosen every day carry (EDC) pistols. This 6 hour course will start in the classroom with a safety briefing, then turn to discuss self defense theory, mindset and use of force reality as taught by our experienced team of law enforcement, military and civilian instructors. *No weapon handling will occur in the classroom*

After class, the rest of the day will be spent on a private range with your instructors where you will drill in the fundamentals with your chosen handguns and in your preferred shooting style. You will practice both slow and rapid fire at 3, 7, 15 and even out to 25 yards for those who feel their skills and pistol are up to the task. You will be taught offhand, prone and draw from the holster shooting, as well as one-handed reloading and how to clear various malfunctions.

Note on gun choice:
This class is focused on improving accuracy and confidence with typical service sized semi-automatic pistols. Sub-compact semi-autos and snub nose revolvers are welcome, but students may experience difficulty participating in the long ranged shooting portions of the class with these. Recoil fatigue with smaller pistols or powerful calibers may also be a factor in preventing some students from completing range instruction. Please be mindful in the choice of pistols you choose to bring.

Class Time: 60 – 90 minutes
Range Time: 4 – 5 hours

Plan on bringing at least 250 rounds for the pistols you plan to shoot, but the amount of ammo you choose to expend during class it up to you.

Targets: Paper targets will be provided for you.

Retention Equipment: An inside the waist holster (IWB) or outside the waist holster (OWB) holster for each firearm in “strong side” carry configuration is required. Appendix holsters, shoulder holsters, small of the back holsters, and ankle holsters or other unusual configurations will NOT be allowed in this class due to safety concerns. We recommend at least 3 magazines or speed loaders per gun, and at least 1 magazine or speed loader holder per gun to aid in combat reloading practice.

Safety Equipment:
Eye and hearing protection is required (electronic earmuffs recommended)

Clothing: Closed toe shoes are required, but otherwise please dress for comfort and plan for the weather (think layers) as our private range is outdoors and class will commence for all but the most nasty weather. “As you train, so shall you fight.”

Meals: Meals are not provided so we recommend eating a good breakfast beforehand, but feel free to bring snacks of choice to class and the range.

Required Items: 250 rnds Ammo, Holster, at least 2 extra magazines, magazine holster/pouch, eye & ear protection

Recommended Items: Shooting Gloves


*Your seat in the class is not saved until your registration is completed and the class fee is paid.

** There are no refunds on classes. Rescheduling fees apply.

***Black Friday Certificates and Gift Certificates must be used to register in store.


We are sorry but registration for this event is now closed.

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